Today's Date: Sun August 19, 2018 | יום א תצא, ח אלול תשע"ח
Hachnosas Sefer Torah

The Rebbe writing the last letter in the Torah

The Rebbe leaving Rabbi Friedman's house for the procession to the shul.

Mr. Fajer, the donor, holding the Sefer Torah under the Chupah.

The Rebbe dancing with the Sefer Torah in Shul.

Mr. Fajer and his son Philip dancing with the Sefer Torah.

Dancing with the Sefer Torah.

The Nikolsburg Community participating in the event.

Rejoicing with the Sefer Torah.

The Rebbe embracing the Sefer Torah.

Mr. Fajer and his best friends dancing in the center of the Shul.

The Chassidim at Candle Lighting in the Shul

The Rebbe lighting the Menorah that night, Zos Chanukah.

After lighting Chanukah candles.

The Rebbe giving Chanukah gelt.

The Seudas Mitzvah after the dancing in the Shul.

The head tables at the Seudah.

Mr. Fajer speaking in memory of his son, Patrick, obm.

Dancing during the Seudah.

An appreciation plaque being presented to Mr. Fajer.

Mr. Goldner, a long time friend of Nikolsburg, speaking.

The plaque being presented to Mr. Goldner in appreciation of his patronage.

Mr. Goldner, getting a Brocha from the Rebbe.

The Rebbe playing Dreidel on Zos Chanukah.

Dancing at the Seudah.

This Weeks Divrei Torah is dedicated in honor of:
Shmuel ben Chaim
Feinberg A"H
5708-5769 9 Shvat

This Weeks Divrei Torah is dedicated in honor of:

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