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Help the Rebbe help others have a good Yom Tov

(Ve-ahavta Le'reyacha Komocha)

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Dear Friend,

Our great sage, Hillel the Elder introduced the concept, "Do for others as you would like others to do for you." This inspirational message stands as a central theme and action plan for the Jewish people, especially during Pesach, as we proclaim at the Seder  Kol Dichfin Yeisei V'yechol "all who are hungry should join us".


   Unfortunately, there are many people throughout the Jewish world who are suffering financially. As the Pesach holiday approaches, many of these people become depressed and sad, as they all too well realize that they cannot provide the basic Holiday needs for themselves and their families.


   We therefore are asking you to do for others as you would like others to do for you if, G-d forbid, you were in this situation.


   Under the guidance of the Rebbe Shlita, we have set up a program to help those who are in need . Please respond immediately and turn a family's Pesach from sadness to joy, depression to happiness, from hunger to celebration.

$_______ Ve-ahavta Le'reyacha Komocha! Pesach equivalency donation (I am sponsoring the amount equivalent to what I spend for Pesach for my family).

$3600: Kosher Pesach for a large family

$2500: Matzoh Fund (To be distributed to many indigent families).

$1800: Wine (Arbah Kosos Fund).

$1000: New Clothing Fund (Grants of $250 each will be distributed to poor families).

$750: Grocery grants (Grants of $750 each for groceries will be distributed to families).

$500: Simcha fund (Bring happiness to a needy family).

$360: New shoes for Pesach for a family.

$180: Afikoman fund for needy children.

$___: Other


Our sages tell us (Rosh Hashana Chepter 1 Mishna 2) "Bepesach Nidunin al Hatviah". On Pesach we are judged on how much wheat (produce) we will receive. The 2 seder nights and the 7th day of Pesach are especially auspicious times. We will have a booklet with your name and the names of your family members on the Rebbe's table through out the whole Pesach and he will pray for you and yours throughout the Yom Tov (Holiday).

For just $26, the Gematria of Yud Kay Vov Kay, we will give your name to the Rebbe to pray for a favorable judgment in Parnassa, or for $101, we will write your name, as well as the names of your immediate family.

 In the merit of helping others may Hashem help you and yours and bless you with full health,wealth, parnassah, and nachas. and best wishes for you and your family a happy and healthy Pesach, a Chag Kosher Ve'sameach! 

If you should encounter any problems with the website, please contact and will help you with your donation.

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