Today's Date: Mon July 16, 2018 | יום ב דברים, ד אב תשע"ח

A Time for Yeshuos




          Who is not in need of a Yeshua? Whether it is personal request or a request on behalf of others, Lag Be'omer is the time to daven or have someone daven on your behalf, at the grave site of the Holy Tannah Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.

   Any Hadlakah (bonfire), which is lit in honor of the Holy Tannah Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, has been known to bring about countless yeshuos. So many have merited a salvation, blessings, and Refuah Shleima, Shiduchim, and many other blessings, by donating to charity in honor of the Holy Tanah Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.

   $3600 donation will give you Brochos (blessings) and merits of the Hadlakah (bonfire) in the courtyard of the synagogue on Lag BeOmer night. The blessings associated with the bonfire are well known and countless people have merited many yeshuos from the Hadlakah.

$1800 donation will sponsor the Hadlakah which is lit on Lag BeOmer day at the Cheder. The Rabbis teach us that the prayers of young children are of the purest form and have the greatest impact in heaven. The children will pray in your merit while participating in this momentous event.

  A donation of $1000 will sponsor the Seudah on Lag Be'omer day in the Beis Medrash. 

     The Brochos (blessings) associated with "Chai Rotel" (sponsoring the drinks given out at the Hadlakah) are well known and documented throughout history.

     A donation of $720 will sponsor all the drinks "Chai Rotel" for the participants at both the Hadlakah and the Tish at the Nikolsburg Beis Medrash.

   A donation of $54 will sponsor "Chai Rotel" (54 liters) seltzer or water for the participants at the Hadlakah at the Nikolsburg Beis Medrash.


    Rabbi Boruch Yehuda Lebovits Shlita, the Rebbes son, will be in Meron this Lag Be'omer to daven for you and yours. For $133.00 we will add your names to the list and Rabbi Lebovits will recite Tehillim and add oil to the Hadlakah in your zchus.

      For a donation of $72 the Rebbe will daven for you when lighting the candle in memory of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. This candle will be lit before the Hadlakah and will burn throughout the entire Lag Be'omer.

       There will be a Grand Hadlakah (Bonfire) with live music and dancing at the 
Nikolsburg Beis Medrash, 6 Milton Place, Spring Valley, NY.  on Moitzai Shabbas, May 13, 2017 at 10:15 PM  For the sum of $33.00 --the numerical value of -- "Lamed Gimel" --  there will be oil added to the fire in your merit.

      A donation of $250 will add your name to all the sponsorship's.

This is your chance to benefit from the special time of Lag Be'omer, and to personally experience the powerful and miraculous effects that are known to have come about from Tzedakah and Tefillah on this day!  

Please feel free to call us at 845-352-4038 ext 102 or email Rabbi Simcha Klagsbrun to to add your name to the list in time befor Lag Be'omer!

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