Today's Date: Tue August 21, 2018 | יום ג תצא, י אלול תשע"ח
Dear Friends of the Rebbe,
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Annuel Dinner

We stand only a few days away from our Annual Melave Malka, to benefit the"Talmud Torah Bnei Melochim - Nikolsburg", under the leadership of the Nikolsburg Rebbe shlita. The Melava Malka will take place Motzei Shabbos Parshas Yisro, January 18th, '14 in the Main Bais Medrash of the Nikolsburg Shul on 6 Milton Place, Spring Valley, NY 10977.

Chazal say that "the world exists in the z'chus of the vapor that emerges from the mouths of the young children learning Torah in cheder". A visit to the cheder will confirm that the Torah learning of these precious innocent talmidim, is definitely that which upholds the world's existence.     

We appeal to you, dear friends and worthy Torah supporters, to take part in this one time opportunity by contributing generously and whole-heartedly to further their Torah learning, and help alleviate somewhat the burden of raising the necessary funds to ensure the success of the Talmud Torah.

The following is list of dedicaton opportunities in memory of a loved one.

Parnas Hachodesh - $5400.

Support a Class for a Month - $3600.

          Parnas Hashavua - $1800.

          Support a Class for a Week - $720.

          Parnas Hayom - $360.

          Support a Class for a Day - $180.

          Z'chus haTorah - $100.


          In the merit of your generous support, may you be blessed with all the blessings in the Torah, reserved for those who support Torah learning, and may you continue to enjoy much nachas, good health, prosperity and many more years in which to continue your maasim Tovim.




Yoel Yitzchok Friedman               Simcha Klagsbrun

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